Paquale Rossetti & Maria Giovanna De Filippo were born, rasied & married in Italy. They had 12 children, some of which imigrated to Canada & The United States of America, others remained in Italy. Their decendants have remained in touch, across borders, oceans & generations.

  1. Giuseppe Rossetti
  2. Lucia Rossetti Ciambrelli
  3. Maria Rossetti Carbone
  4. Giovannina Rossetti Iacobucci
  5. Antonio Rossetti
  6. Emilia Rossetti De Carlo
  7. Domenico Rossetti
  8. Salvatore Rossetti
  9. Nicola Rossetti
  10. Vincenzo Rossetti
  11. Elvira "Binella" Rossetti Mancini
  12. Maria Antonia Rossetti Della Porta

This is my attempt at showing the vast number of "cousins" that all have a commom ancester in Pasquale & Maria Giovanna. The list of their 12 children above represents the 1st Generation, the family tree below shows 5 generations worth of decendants.

Realize that this is a "Work in Progress", I will update periodically. If you have any updates please contact me via my social links below.
Rossetti Family Tree (pdf)
Rossetti Family Tree (html)

Rossetti Family Crest

Rossetti Family Crest

The name Rossetti is derived from the Italian word "Rosso," which comes from the Latin words "Rubius and Rossius," which mean "red." As a surname, Rossetti was originally a nickname for a person with red hair or a reddish complexion.